Bondi Vibes Suction Pump Clitoris Vibrators

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Bondi Vibes Suction Pump Clitoris Vibrators

- EXTREMELY Powerful vacuum suction

- USB Rechargeable


You would be forgiven for thinking that this was an oxygen mask but the suction powers of this auto pussy pump are far more likely to leave you breathless.

Place over your kitty and just press one button to enjoy amazing times when held against the labia and clitoris the powerful valve system allows you to create a vacuum seal over the vagina area increasing blood flow in large in the clitoris and labia and wildly increasing sensitivity. And as we all know greater sensitivity equals greater orgasms winner press sick your feet rub some good quality lubricant around the seal before applying

Bondi Vibes Suction Pump Clitoris Vibrators are usually more focused around heightening sensation by bringing blood to the vulva and vagina, which makes many women more sensitive to stimulation. Women who are not easily aroused may use pussy pumps specifically for that reason.

“Pumping your pussy will leave it feeling ultra-sensitive and every touch, tingle and vibration will be heightened. This is perfect if you have trouble orgasming and ideal if you're looking for something new to spice up your bedroom activities.”

- Full contact, designed to contour to vagina



Key Features and specs
  • Function: 5 Speed Suction Mode Low to - Super Strength
  • Color: Pink/White + Pink
  • Power: Lithium battery
  • Material: ABS + Silicone
  • Package includes: Box. UNIT, INSTRUCTIONS & USB CHARGE CABLE
  • Further: Waterproof, Super Strong Suction
  • Package Size: 17.5*11.5*8.5 CM

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